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Firewater Containment

Damaging events of the past have shown that incidents cannot be excluded despite the high security standards. To limit the damages, the measures of fire water retention are of great importance.

By means of focused research THOMAS SYS TECH GmbH has developed doorway spill barriers which are able to close rapidly and to lock the building openings and wall throughputs. In case of fire or a damage they prevent uncontrolled leakage of water-endangering substances to the environment.

For this purpose, we could offer you the following barrier types:

Automatic Barriers

Automatische Löschwasserbarriere vertikal drehbar offen

Automatic Barriers, MR

Automatische Löschwasserbarriere Vertikal Drehbar Manuelle Rückstellung offen

Manual Barriers

Manuelle Löschwasserbarriere verdikal drehbar offen

Mobile Barriers

Manuelle Löschwasserbarriere steckbar offen
The following must be available at the building site (per unit):
– 230 V / 16 A power connection
– lead to a sprinkler or fire alarm system (potential free switch contact / coupler)
For fully automatic systems (without manual reset), additional must be provided::
– compressed air supply R1/2″ IG with stop valve / ball valve