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THOMAS Vertically Pivoting Manual Barrier FM Approved

Standard equipment:

  • High temperature protection shield on front and back of the barrier
  • High chemical resistant PTFE-coated special seals
  • Flame protection cover for all special seals on front and back
  • Impulse tensioner to lock the barrier
  • Hand chain to move the barrier
  • Colour barrier: red RAL 3000

Possible additional options:

  • Ex-proof design of the barrier
  • Lock control monitoring
  • Galvanized version
  • Stainless steel V2A version
  • PPA-coated surfaces
  • Collision protection

Height: 100 – 1000 mm
Lenght: 100 – 5600 mm

Tender documents:

Technical drawing:

Measurement sheet:



Manual doorway spillbarrier FM Approved

High temperature resistant, according to Hydrocarbon curve over 30 minutes up to 1000 °C tested barrier, to retaining burning and non-burning, solid and liquid substances. By hand-to-use, secure sealing barrier – consists of a perpendicularly standing metal barrier body with revolute joint and a barrier box on one side and a U-profile with hand tensioner on the other side.

The barrier is to keep permanently closed. When traffic needs to pass through the opening, the tensioner is to unlock and the barrier is to open via chain by hand from the horizontal closing position into the vertical opening position. During the opening period, the barrier is to keep open by hand via chain. After the release of the chain the barrier moves slowly and damped into the horizontal closing position and locks automatically. The unit is not provided with a channel system and sump with liquid sensor, it is not required for this type of barrier!

FM class number 4985 produced, tested and approved barrier. Type tested through FM Approvals. Type tested through MPA Dresden. Delivered and installed ready to use by us as professionals to WHG for light and highly flammable substances and water-polluting / non-combustible substances. However plus customs, travel costs, freight and packaging.

This product is protected by patent.