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Spill Containment FM Approved

The presence of flammable liquids in a facility will always create a unique fire hazard challenge not only because of their relatively high heat content, but also because they can freely move past barriers that are not leak proof.

One way to protect against this hazard is to store and handle flammable liquids in a designated room that is cut-off from the rest of the facility by physical barriers such as fire walls and curbs.

FM Approved doorway spill barriers by THOMAS are used in place of or as a supplement to passive protection schemes. Their purpose is to prevent the spread of flammable liquids, or fire caused by flammable liquids, from spreading beyond the room of origin.

For this purpose, we could offer you the following barrier types:

Automatic Barriers

Thomas Automatische Gefahrstoffbarriere vertikal drehbar fm-approved offen

Manual Barriers

Thomas Manuelle Gefahrstoffbarriere vertikal drehbar FM-approved offen
The following must be available at the building site (per unit):
– 230 V / 16 A power connection
– recess in the floor with a depth of 60 mm according to our drawings
– optional: lead to a sprinkler or fire alarm system (by potential free switch contact / coupler)